Thursday Travels - Owl's Head Skiing

We've been fortunate to travel, thanks in part to Paul's frequent flier miles. We're frugal travelers and I can navigate my way through the system like a travel agent. I decided that on Thursdays I would feature a travel piece. Short essays or stories on a particular place or experience...some here in Canada and many other places we've been fortunate enough to visit over the past 20 years.

Owl's Head Ski Resort, Mansonville, Quebec
We travel to Owl's Head each Sunday during the winter for Special Olympics skiing. About an hour and a half from Montreal, a bit longer from our house in Beaconsfield, Owl's Head is in the Eastern Townships, east of Montreal. The Eastern Townships are known for skiing, wine, country homes, quaint villages, hiking, boating and more.

Owl's Head is a great ski area for our family...not too small and not too big. There are never any lines and the lift tickets are affordable compared to other places in Quebec. It's a very down to earth place and very family oriented. The bar is very simple, but perfect for apres ski with a pool table, big screen TV, air hockey and music. We enjoy a beer after skiing while the kids hang out with their friends and we catch the end of a football game or the Olympics. Owl's Head supports Special Olympics by offering discounts tickets for the family volunteers and a place for the athletes to practice with the gates. Separate from Special Olympics, they also support adapted skiing for those with physical handicaps. We'll support any company that supports those with special needs.

What makes skiing at Owl's Head special is the view from the top. The runs are not long, but let's face it, after the age of 40 we don't need a two mile run. Our theory is that we're tired by the end of the run anyway and before we know it, it's time to sit on the chair lift for a rest.

We've stayed over night only once but would love to do it again. We had a condo right on the hill and it was nice to ski out and get on the lift. While picnic lunches are welcome at the lodge, the food is not too expensive.