I'm a wife, mom, sister, daughter and friend. I'm living in Quebec for a few years as we moved here for my husband's job in October 2008 from Naperville, Illinois. I have two kids...a teenage daughter (help) and an almost-teenage son. Our son has special needs, which is a big factor in our lives. However, we're careful not to let that completely define us as a family. In many ways, we're just an ordinary family. We enjoy skiing, sports, travel, more sports and spending time with our families and the great friends we have made throughout the US and Canada as the result of a few moves.

I had an eclectic, not so ordinary childhood in Arizona with three great brothers I consider my best friends. They are also three of the funniest people I know. I often write about our experiences growing up. Doesn't everyone's dad shoot a rattlesnake in his birthday suit? I have worked in the "real world," however I'm finding my life now more than real. Oh, did I mention my neurotic Lab?

I've always liked writing. Probably to compensate for hating math. I changed my major in college just to avoid taking math. I've written for broadcasting, newspapers, magazines, marketing materials and for fun. Just recently I have started creative writing. This process has lead to me to pull from all aspects of my life and weave my stories together. These experiences have created who I am today as a wife, mom, sister, daughter and friend. And as a mom of a special needs child, I've learned more than ever, to use humor as a coping mechanism. 

This blog is not chronological. It's not organized. It's not about anything in particular. It's just my words. We have another blog where we detail our lives in Canada...you can link to that post on the Oh Canada tab!